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This past week we got a lot of questions regarding an issue with Windows 10. Many people contacted us saying that the search menu on their Windows 10 computer would stop working out of the blue and would show a grey blank screen if you tried to get back to any home screen, a blank search screen would show.

Below is an example of a screen shot somebody took with this problem:

We heard your complaints! And we have information!

The Explanation

Don’t fret! You haven’t done anything wrong! If you haven’t yet, reboot your system and try the search again. If that doesn’t work, hang in there! Microsoft is undergoing some system changes that is causing problems with a lot of their products.

They didn’t hack into your system and change it all, but their systems are all interconnected and their switching of systems has caused issues for many Windows owners. The simple answer: Windows broke their search function, and you’ve sadly been affected.

The long answer is more complicated. Search software takes a lot of memory on a computer’s hard drive. One click on the search function will automatically take up over 120 MB of capacity.

It takes up so much memory because many different apps and software are included. In the mix of these is mostly JavaScript and React, and the combination of the two is just proving to be too much for some Windows systems to handle at once.

If you find you or your business having problems like this often, tell us! We are IT experts at Computerbilities and we are willing and able to help!

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