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Cyber Security Specialist, Cyber Crime Expert - Adam’s Expertise.

President of Computerbilites, Adam Pittman has been a spokesperson for Cyber Security in the Raleigh-Durham Community for over 20 years. He has been featured in multiple magazines, appeared on television and was featured in the documentary “Cyber Crime” as one of 1 of the “10 Leading Cyber Crime Experts” in the nation today. Adam has also authored a book “Computers Should Just Work” and has another one in the works. We are pleased to share his work and accomplishments over this journey!


Adam Pittman, president/founder of Computerbilities located in Cary, NC and IT expert of more than 35 years has been featured in the documentary “Cyber Crime” as 1 of the top 10 leading experts in our nation’s Cyber Security field. This film is being directed by award winning producer Jeff Roldan of Roldan Companies Inc (I-ology, Words of Art, Miracles in Action) and Peter Verlezza of SMB Networks LLC. “Cyber Crime” will be released this summer in theaters nationwide and will also be available on Amazon Prime.

The context of this film features the 10 cybersecurity experts sharing their experiences and expertise on safe security practices for both the individual and corporation, in real world situations. Cyber Crime’s premiere launched at the Pacific Theater at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA this past May 15th, 2019.

Computerbilites had their own premiere of the film on October 24th 2019 at the Fully Frame theater in Durham, NC.



5 Computer Cracks...

One day, your computer is going to crash. At the Expert Story Summit hosted by the Harvard Club, our president Adam Pittman discusses why computer crashes are inevitable as well as 5 things you can do to easily prolong the life of your computer.

Arizona daily mix.

An interview with our President Adam Pittman on Arizona Daily Mix details what computer users aren’t doing well to protect their computers from crashing because of spyware or malware. The segment is more specific for PC users, but these 5 tips he shares are useful for everyone who has a computer.

Password Protection

Did you know the most common password is Password123? This seems unbelievable in a world where hacking is so prevalent. This television interview with Adam Pittman details some expert tips on how to make your accounts unhackable! Watch to see why you should treat your password like your toothbrush, don’t share it!

Phishing Scams

Every day, people fall for email scams that steal their information and violate their privacy. During this interview, our president, Adam Pittman, shares how you can better protect yourself and your family from phishing and credit card scams. From his expert experience, he reveals what to look for to avoid a scam, and a few common ways scammers trick people into giving over private information.

Money and Info safe

For Daytime’s ‘In the Know’ segment on WSLS channel 10, Adam Pittman shares three essential tips to keep your information, money, and families safe. These IT tips are simple and easy to follow, but could make a huge difference in how you are protected against scams. The tips shared in this video are especially helpful for PC users.

Prevent Your Computer From Crashing

Our president, Adam Pittman, was featured on WKOB to discuss the 5 top tips to prevent your computer from crashing. As an expert, Adam shared what he does for all Computerbilities clients, as well as what you can do from home to keep your computer healthy and scam free. While they may seem simple, nearly all consumers fail to keep their computers running and follow all necessary precautions. 31% of all PC users have lost their data and files beyond their control. Don’t be one of them!

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